TWR: The Next Generation

TWR: The Next Generation

To move forward you need to look back at what’s been before, and honour it properly. TWR knows what those three letters mean to people all over the world, and what a car bearing them needs to embody.

We’ve got the right people, the right expertise, the same spirit behind us, and will use it to create a fresh wave of cars that’ll excite the people who knew and loved the cars TWR built, as well as those who are new to all the fantastic things it achieved.

This starts with the TWR Supercat. A stunning and visceral 600bhp+ Super-GT. To realise our defining mission to build a car worthy of TWR’s winning legacy, Fergus Walkinshaw has gathered a team from the most decorated names in motorsport and performance car engineering.

The result is an emphatic statement of what a TWR means today. Stunning and bold design conceived by Khyzyl Saleem and shaped by Magnus Walker elevates a true icon to its rightful place among the most celebrated examples of British automotive design.

These are true drivers’ cars built for those that value analogue connection to the cars they love. This is the new TWR and is just the beginning.

Meet The Team

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Vehicle Designer