Khyzyl Saleem

Khyzyl Saleem

Vehicle Designer

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet you’ll know Khyzyl Saleem’s work. A petrolhead from a young age, he got into photoshop, and then 3D modelling, which resulted in global acclaim for his myriad creations. His work took him to the world of video games, where he worked for Electronic Arts on various titles. In his free time, Khyzyl created his own takes on supercars, modified icons, and did whatever took his fancy in the virtual world. As a result of his tinkering, his Instagram account became a shop window for what happens when a truly brilliant mind is given the space to create anything they want, and it blew up. Soon enough everything he created became newsworthy.

At the same time, Khyzyl set up LTO – Live To Offend. There was demand for Khyzyl’s work to make the leap from the virtual world to reality, and he was more than willing to make that happen, and so LTO was formed to create body kits for some of the world’s most iconic cars.

You’ll likely have seen LTO’s work at events all over the globe, notably Las Vegas’ SEMA show where Khyzyl’s creations draw huge crowds. Such is the impact of his work, that Khyzyl’s been called upon by the likes of the late Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, and more to give their cars a little something that others simply don’t have.

Though he’s been responsible for plenty of bodykits over the years, and more than a few renders, before working with TWR Khyzyl hadn’t turned his skill to a whole car. This will be his first full on design – every detail has come about as a result of his seemingly limitless creativity, of course with input from Walker. It’s a big moment for him: “It’s the first project I’ve been involved in where I’m not just designing a bodykit, but creating a fully functioning, performance-driven car. It’s going from what I’m known for, the digital space, and adding real credibility to my work. I’m so lucky to be working with fantastic people in engineering, aero, you name it. It’s a new era for me. I get to do what I always dreamed of doing.”

How did he get involved with TWR? Simple: We knew he was the right man for the job. “Both TWR and Magnus thought I was the perfect guy to design the car, which is a pretty special feeling. TWR approached him, and he was very specific in who he wanted to work on it: me. Which is mindblowing – I’ve been a huge admirer of his for a long time,” Khyzyl remarks, “Obviously, I already knew about TWR – it comes with a remarkable heritage. It’s made some crazy race and road cars. There’s an incredible story there, and to be a part of that, to help bring it into a new era, is a very exciting prospect. I’m excited to carry on that legacy, to bring TWR’s next generation to a new market and make it relevant to them. It’s amazing to be working with such skilled people on a project like this. Especially with a car like the XJS as a starting point.”

With TWR’s reputation for pushing the bar, Khyzyl may feel like he has some big shoes to fill. After all, legendary designers and cars have worn a TWR badge, so what’s he going to be doing to leave his mark? “I can’t really say much other than it’ll be based on a Jaguar XJS… I’m designing something pretty badass and helping to create a truly relevant TWR for the 21st century. The XJS has been seen as sort of unloved, a difficult second album to the E-Type. There’s an obvious history with it and TWR, and to have the chance to give it a new life is special. Just wait until you see what we’re doing with it. You’ll love it.”

With Walker and Khyzyl on board you can see that TWR is taking the next generation seriously: we’re working with two of the greatest minds of this automotive generation. We’ll have more to share soon, but for now rest assured that your new favourite car is very much in the right hands.