Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker

Design Consultant

Magnus Walker is one of the best known petrolheads in the world. His distinctive style, and seemingly endless creativity has garnered him global respect. Above all else, though, is his passion. When Magnus Walker sets his mind to making something, you know it’ll be something truly special.

Walker moved to the US from Sheffield in 1986, swiftly pouring his talent into his clothing line, Serious, which outfitted everyone from Alice Cooper to Madonna. The popularity of his designs allowed him to indulge another passion: real estate. After several timely building acquisitions in LA’s Downtown led him into the commercial film business he also started amassing an enviable collection of Porsches. In 2012, Urban Outlaw, a film about Walker and his streetable race Porsche builds, debuted, making him an overnight star in the automotive world.

His collection has since evolved – where once it was mostly made up of a single marque, today it features vehicles from brands located all over the world.

Known for his distinctive dreadlocks and epic beard, Magnus Walker’s style has been wrought from decades working in several of the most creative industries on the planet, which is why we approached him to work with us on bringing the next generation of TWR to life.

Walker’s consulting expertise on the XJS is invaluable. Walker has long wanted to make his mark on one: “I’ve been looking to do something very, very similar myself. I’ve owned Jaguars before, but the car I HAD never owned was an XJS. I remember talking to Ian Callum about how I wanted to do an outlaw version of an XJS kind of similar to what Jaguar Classic did with [Iron Maiden drummer] Nicko McBrain’s XJC. The XJS is a car that’s sort of misunderstood. I wanted to make my mark on it.”

“Fast forward a few years and TWR called to ask if I’d be interested in being involved,” Walker says, “They explained the project, which was just what I was looking to do, and I was in. The stars aligned perfectly.”

He is familiar with TWR’s stellar past, and knows the legacy the next generation has to live up to: “I was approached by TWR to do something I actually want to do: to build on the XJS. The company put Jaguar on the map in the late 70s, the 80s, and into the 90s. TWR was a racing division of Jaguar and did so much more.”

Our collaboration will mark the first time Walker has worked in an official capacity with a vehicle manufacturer. You won’t be surprised to learn he’s been approached by plenty of people wanting him to lend his considerable talents to their projects. He has spent time at our facility, he’s been involved with every step of the project so far: from design, to suppliers, to powertrain, and he’s even advised on what the car needs to feel like when it’s out on the road: “Our XJS has to be drivable in real world situations. From idle to throttle transition, when it’s stuck on the freeway in bumper to bumper traffic. I AM about drivability, usability, practicality.” Not only is Walker advising on the project, he’s also bought an XJS to undergo the TWR treatment. Will there be a full on Magnus Walker Outlaw Edition? “I am not allowed to talk about that just yet,” he says.

An iconic marque, an iconic man… a combination that can only lead to great things: “If I am involved, I’m involved all the way – 110%. I am excited to be part of this experience, build, rebirth, resurrection, this next generation.”