TWR unveils debut car: The V12 Super-GT ‘Supercat’

TWR unveils debut car: The V12 Super-GT ‘Supercat’


TWR Unveils and Opens Order Book for Debut Car. The V12 Super-GT ‘Supercat’

  • New TWR Supercat revealed ahead of physical summer launch.
  • Stunning carbon fibre silhouette, designed by Khyzyl Saleem in collaboration with Magnus Walker.
  • TWR Supercat to produce in excess of 600bhp from its supercharged V12.
  • 6-speed Manual gearbox for connected and analogue driving experience.
  • Reservation book now open for orders, with deliveries starting this year.
  • Strictly limited to 88 units. Prices start at £225,000 exc. Local taxes.
  • Available in the UK and major international markets including the USA.


Newbury, UK – Tuesday 30th April, 2024

“After more than two years of extensive design, engineering and development work, we are proud to unveil the design of TWR’s debut product. The outcome is a true drivers’ Super-GT built from the foundations of the iconic Jaguar XJS and appropriately named the Supercat. This bold expression of the breed fulfils our mission to build cars worthy of TWR’s winning legacy, starting with this remarkable car as it enters its 50th year. As order books open, we cannot wait for clients to experience the most powerful, dynamic and visceral evocation of a British icon that has been revolutionised from the ground-up to be ready for those that demand to be connected to the cars they drive, whether on the track or the road. This is the TWR way and will define this and every future project we undertake.”

Fergus Walkinshaw, Director and Founder, TWR


The order book for TWR’s debut limited production performance car is now open. This coincides with the unveiling of the exterior design ahead of a full dynamic debut in Summer 2024.

The TWR Supercat is a supercharged V12 powered Super-GT boasting more than 600bhp and built from the legendary Jaguar XJS platform. It is the first of a new generation of cars from one of the most storied and celebrated names in motorsport and performance cars.

It is fitting that TWR has chosen a Jaguar as the first chapter in its contemporary history. Indeed, TWR has a long winning association with Jaguar and the XJS through victories in the most demanding motorsports environments in the world including Spa and Bathurst. The Supercat will be strictly limited to 88 individual builds a number chosen to celebrate the 1988 Le Mans win in the TWR Jaguar XJR-9.

In prioritising bold and contemporary design and delivering a truly involving driving experience, the car, makes a clear statement on the fundamentals that will underpin all future TWR projects that will enter production.

Indeed, TWR’s performance and motorsport DNA are evidenced in every element of the car. The selection of a manual transmission, weight-saving materials and an exhaustive testing, development and tuning programme all speak to the company’s commitment to delivering visceral and dynamic driving experiences for those who desire a truly connected and analogue driving experience.

In realising this first, landmark product, TWR has drawn inspiration from previous masterpieces across the history of the great name, stemming from Tom Walkinshaw’s work with touring cars, Le Mans monsters like the XJR-9, XJR-15 and even the XJ220 supercar.

Order books officially open today. Clients wishing to join those who have already committed to reservations following the announcement of the revival of TWR can secure their build slot with a £10,000 refundable deposit. Production will be strictly limited with first deliveries to take place in the fourth quarter of 2024.

As individual builds, all TWR clients will be afforded a full scope for personalisation. Therefore pricing will vary depending on individual specifications but will start at an indicative price of £225,000 excluding local taxes.

Extensive Engineering, Test & Development:

The TWR Supercat has been engineered by a team led by Fergus Walkinshaw, son of TWR founder, Tom Walkinshaw. He has gathered a group of technical and operational talent from the most celebrated names in motorsport and performance car development. This includes: McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Williams, Mercedes F1 and Renault F1.

The design, engineering and development programme of the Supercat series sets the standard for all future TWR products and production runs. The development of this project started more than two years ago and has taken hundreds of thousands of collective hours to get to its current production-ready state.

This includes a full test and development programme that has taken place across specialist proving-ground facilities utilised by the world’s leading performance car brands, F1 teams and performance specialists. This includes full aerodynamic and CFD testing and durability and dynamic testing that replicates highly dynamic driving scenarios on both the road and the track.

Bold and contemporary design:

Like the engineering talent that has led the realisation of the Supercat project, TWR has invested significantly in world-class design talent. Khyzyl Saleem worked as Design Lead. His approach, is shaped by his standing among the world’s leading digital and 3D car concepting stylists and through many performance-focused OEM projects, including with the late Ken Block and Travis Pastrana.

“This project is an incredible opportunity to interpret TWR’s winning legacy in today’s design language. In so many ways, my career in the digital and physical realms have been leading to this moment. In merging the requirements of Super-GT form and racing functionality we have created a unique identity that is instantly recognisable from its silhouette. I am proud of the work we have done to bring inspirations from TWR’s performance and racing car history into this extraordinary new design. I cannot wait to work with our clients in shaping their own personal styling requirements for this incredible modern interpretation of a car that deserves its place among the most celebrated examples of British automotive design.”

Khyzyl Saleem, Vehicle Designer, TWR

Magnus Walker, designer, car collector and one of the leading figures in the contemporary automotive world also consulted on the Supercat project. His experience as a collector, restorer and modifier of iconic sportscars was essential in delivering Walkinshaw’s vision to create a car built from the foundations of a Jaguar XJS while delivering distinctive aesthetics and substance befitting a contemporary TWR car.

“Fergus and his incredible team are adding to TWR’s legacy by rewriting the rules of contemporary performance GT design. Like every collector and enthusiast, I love the Jaguar XJS as an iconic expression of a British GT. TWR’s uncompromising approach to delivering pure performance and driver involvement takes this to another level. I couldn’t be more proud to have contributed to this landmark statement of TWR’s bold future.”

Magnus Walker, Design Consultant, TWR Supercat

The result clothes the Jaguar XJS’ iconic profile, silhouette, flying buttresses and front graphic in an altogether more muscular styling. The result speaks of TWR’s clear vision to deliver a dynamic Super-GT that is equally at home on the track as on the road. Subtle nods to TWR’s long-standing Jaguar heritage combine to create a more aggressive overall aesthetic through reference to iconic cars like the Jaguar XJ220, XJR-9 and XJR-15.

A fundamentally re-imagined interior will be unveiled when the car makes its dynamic debut in the summer of 2024.

An involving and characterful TWR Super-GT from the ground up:

While the Supercat retains the unmistakable stance and silhouette of the Jaguar XJS, every exterior panel has been re-sculpted in Carbon Fibre. This material selection reflects the utilisation of motorsport engineering principles that will characterise this and all future TWR products. The development of the body alone took tens of thousands of hours.

This has delivered a significant weight saving, drag improvements and significant rigidity benefits over traditional panel materials. Delivering the mechanical dynamic advantage is fundamental to TWR’s promise to deliver a truly involving and analogue Super-GT experience for both road and track.

TWR: A motorsport and performance legend regenerated:

The new car is the first offering from the modern TWR, founded by Fergus Walkinshaw and business partner John Kane to build upon the legacy left by Fergus’s father, legendary constructor and racer Tom Walkinshaw who built the original TWR into a global motorsport and performance engineering powerhouse during the 1980-90s.

The Supercat is the first TWR product for the 21st century, and as such is a rolling showcase for what the company can do, fusing modern engineering and production techniques with a classic base to create something truly unique, truly sporting, and truly TWR. Work on the project began almost three years ago at TWR’s Newbury base which will serve as the production home for this and future TWR projects.

The Supercat is due to make its first public appearances this summer, with a program of appearances at high-profile events to be announced shortly.



TWR Press Office
T: +44 (0) 20 3955 6568 (London, UK)


About TWR

Established in 2020 by Tom Walkinshaw’s son, Fergus Walkinshaw, alongside his business partner John Kane, TWR aims to stretch the famous name into the modern automotive world. While a separate entity to the original Tom Walkinshaw Racing, the new company will share much of the DNA and spirit that helped the original TWR brand to become a world leader in performance and motorsport engineering.

From its base in Newbury, Berkshire, TWR will make its name as a constructor of bespoke automobiles for a whole new generation, seeking to protect and perfect the analogue driving experience with its own products, whilst also working with class-leading manufacturers to help maximise the potential of their own offerings.

About Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker is one of the best known petrolheads in the world. His distinctive style, and seemingly endless creativity has garnered him global respect. Above all else, though, is his passion. When Magnus Walker sets his mind to making something, you know it’ll be something truly special.

Walker moved to the US from Sheffield in 1986, swiftly pouring his talent into his clothing line, Serious, which outfitted everyone from Alice Cooper to Madonna. The popularity of his designs allowed him to indulge another passion: real estate. After several timely building acquisitions in LA’s Downtown led him into the commercial film business, he also started amassing an enviable collection of Porsches. In 2012 the Urban Outlaw film made its debut. Telling the story of Walker and his race-inspired road-going Porsche builds, it made him an overnight star in the automotive world.

His collection has since evolved – where once it was mostly made up of a single marque, today it features vehicles from brands located all over the world.

Known for his distinctive dreadlocks and epic beard, Magnus Walker’s style has been wrought from decades working in several of the most creative industries on the planet, which is why we approached him to work with us on bringing the next generation of TWR to life.

He is familiar with TWR’s stellar past, and knows the legacy the next generation has to live
up to. Our collaboration will mark the first time Walker has worked in an official capacity with a vehicle manufacturer.

An iconic marque, an iconic man… a combination that can only lead to great things.

About Khyzyl Saleem

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet, you’ll know Khyzyl Saleem’s work. A petrolhead from a young age, he got into photoshop, and then 3D modelling, which resulted in global acclaim for his myriad creations. His work took him to the world of video games, where he worked for Electronic Arts on various titles. In his free time, Khyzyl created his own takes on supercars, modified icons, and did whatever took his fancy in the virtual world. As a result of his tinkering, his Instagram account became a shop window for what happens when a truly brilliant mind is given the space to create anything they want, and it blew up. Soon enough everything he created became newsworthy.

At the same time, Khyzyl set up LTO – Live To Offend. There was demand for Khyzyl’s work to make the leap from the virtual world to reality, and he was more than willing to make that happen, and so LTO was formed to create body kits for some of the world’s most iconic cars.

You’ll likely have seen LTO’s work at events all over the globe, notably Las Vegas’ SEMA show where Khyzyl’s creations draw huge crowds. Such is the impact of his work, that Khyzyl’s been called upon by the likes of the late Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, and more to give their cars a little something that others simply don’t have.

Though he’s been responsible for plenty of bodykits and renders over the years, before working with TWR Khyzyl hadn’t turned his skill to a whole car. This will be his first full-on design – every detail has come about as a result of his seemingly limitless creativity, of course with input from Walker.

With Walker and Khyzyl on board, it’s clear to see that TWR is taking the next generation seriously: working with two of the greatest minds of the modern automotive era.